Horeca-vuurwerk.be – horeca-vuurwerk.nl – ice-fountain.co.uk - horeca-feuerwerk.de and vestavuurwerk.nl are part of Vesta Group B.V.

We are market leaders in delivering professional ice fountains of a superior quality to restaurants, large hotel chains, party cafes and clubs through entire Europe. Our manufacturer in China is the most valued fireworks plant when it comes to producing ice fountains and stage firework. Our products require a high level of quality, since they are often used on, next to or near food and drinks.

We carry out an extra quality check in this plant ourselves a few times a year. This way you are assured of top quality ice fountains for the best price.

We are active in the Netherlands since 2011, where it all started. Meanwhile we also deliver ice fountains in the UK, Germany, Belgium and France. There are even plans to expand to Scandinavian countries.

Questions about us, our products or services? Our employees are available every business day.

Vesta Vuurwerk