Buy ice fountains online? Buy them at!

Ice fountains bring an extra dimension to the desert or cake you serve to your customers in your restaurant, you can also use them on a bottle of champagne in your disco or club. Ice fountains have the power to increase sales, they have proved that for many years. Your guests want a experience, an ice fountain creates one.

Where to buy a quality Ice Fountain?

There are many bad quality ice fountains for sale, they spread bad smells and a lot of burned parts on your food.
That's why it's not recommended to buy ice fountains at Amazon or local supermarkets.
We only deliver ice fountains from the highest quality wich are also safe for indoor use.
We can guarantee this because we import the ice fountains directly from our fabricator in the Liuyang region in China.

Wholesale packaging ice fountains for catering industry

We have wholesale packages ice fountains special made for the catering industry. Ice fountains are available in 60 seconds and 30 seconds. The popular 60 seconds ice fountain is sold the most. We allready deliver ice fountains to restaurants, bars & clubs, hotels and bakeries trough whole Western-Europe.

Buy ice fountains in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow or Liverpool?

We ship online sold ice fountains that are ordered before 17:30 that same day, so you have them within one day most of the times. It can take up to 2 working days tops before you have your ice fountains delivered. Our ice fountains are odorless, leave no burned peaces and are verry safe for indoor use. Buy your ice fountains at a specialist!